Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boudoir Practice

I have always had a love for the beauty that is boudoir photography. 

I have never had the confidence to attempt it though. Until now. 

My amazing wife has always told me that she would be my practice model which is convenient and probably the best way to ease me into photographing someone who is not fully clothed. I think I was more nervous about having to photograph someone who was just barely covered than I was about the actual photography and lighting that goes into it. Since I am mainly a natural light photographer I don't have much experience in lighting either. 

Small bit of background, I have been studying and practicing photography for upwards of ten years. I started in high school doing darkroom photography which will forever be my love in the photography world. I was taught lighting my second year in photography in high school and I hardly ever used it, mostly because I didn't have the equipment so naturally I geared more towards outdoor/natural light photography. 

So the more I talked about wanting to do boudoir photography the more my wife pushed me to attempt. Two nights ago we decided to get out my lights and set them up for me to get a feel for it. We talked about what poses we would want to do and I played around with the lights to get them how I thought they should go. Here are some of the images from the first attempt:

 (I couldn't decide which edit I liked more)

I was genuinely thrilled at how well they turned out. I sent them to a photography acquaintance of mine who is amazing at boudoir and was given some pointers on what to do differently.

The following day we decided to give it another shot. I was much more comfortable this time around, as was she. That made the process significantly more seamless. Here are the results of the second night.

These are just a handful of my favorites. I am very open to constructive criticism but please keep it gentle and constructive seeing as how these are just my first two attempts at this. I truly feel that with a little bit of practice and studying I can master the beautiful art that is boudoir photography. 

Photographer or not I want to hear your opinions. What are your thoughts on these images?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An Eye Opening Experience

You don't have to be "skinny" to be beautiful!
Now I know this is something that gets said quite often. I know it has been said to me numerous times and I think "plus sized" women ARE beautiful. I just don't see myself that way.
This is what I used to look like. Granted I was 18 in this picture AND this was pre-children. I am now 25 and have a three year old. I won't even post a picture of what I look like now.
I will not say that I am unhappy with how I am and I have tried previously to lose weight with no success. I do, however hate being IN FRONT of the camera now.
So what is my reasoning behind this post?
Well this past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a friend of mine. She is NOT your typical stick thin, skinny girl. She would I suppose be considered "plus size". From talking to her prior to the shoot, she referred to herself as shy so I was a little worried at how smooth our session would go.
Anyone who had not had that conversation with her would never believe that she would even THINK of herself as shy. When I hear shy I think in terms of, like myself, being body conscious. She is most definitely not though! After our first few shots she was owning the camera.

There really isn't anything much more awesome than seeing someone truly comfortable in their own skin. We are even talking boudoir sessions for the near future. I am so excited for the opportunity!
Photographing her has made me feel like I will be able to get in front of the camera again eventually. I have actually talked to a photographer from another state who say they would love to shoot some boudoir of me. I don't know how soon I'd be ready to take that step though.
I am so grateful for this experience and for how much I learned in what was in all honesty a wonderful, fun afternoon.
Loving yourself is a powerful thing. It will honestly set you free. I still have some demons to work out but I feel like I will get there soon.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

New things to come.

I am working on quite a few new ideas for Gail Alvarez Photography.
There is a lot to be excited about around here! New backdrop set up, new equipment, new opportunities!
I am tinkering with the idea of starting a newsletter. Rather than relying on people to visit the blog religiously, they can subscribe to receive news and updates via their email. This isn't set in stone just yet but it is working its way through my brain.
I am also getting the ball rolling on purchasing a domain name and web host. You may or may not know how much time, work and money goes into something like this but let me tell you it is quite a bit of all of the above! I however feel getting a site up and running will be worth it.
I currently have a logo in the works, once the logo is finished and perfected I will be getting some vinyl window decals cut! Talk about exciting, to finally have mobile advertising will be awesome!
Just a small update for now on some of the exciting things that are in the works here at Gail Alvarez Photography. I really hope you will stick around to watch our transformation happen!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Brothers Family Photos

My brother and his family came to visit!
I haven't seen him in around 2 years so I was excited! I got to photograph his beautiful family and we had a blast hanging out.
Such a beautiful family!

 These kids were an extremely fun bunch!

This little diva is just the cutest! 

 Cute lil man!

The awesome big brother.
 Just a couple extras I took:



Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oldies But Goodies!

I have been going through my old albums and editing some of my nature shots.
Some of these shots are over 4 years old.

Some of these shots make me miss being able to take off and just shoot. Ahhh adulthood and responsibility! :D
One thing that all of these images make me realize though, is that I need to start shooting nature shots again. I miss this <3
I am hoping to be adding a few new features to my business like a logo, possibly a cover letter of sorts for delivery of the discs. I have just been thinking a lot of things through lately.
Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what's to come.